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How can you value my car with a guaranteed price if you do not check it in advance?
We trust you! WeBuyYourCar.com has valued more than 150.000 cars and we appreciate the trustful realtionship with you. Our valuation is based on the market price in your area, the Blue Kelley Book trade-in value, your information about your car and more than a million variables that define the price we can pay for your car. When we pick up your car our insured and bonded drivers check the information you provided. We are not picky though. If a car is 7 years old, we know that it is not new anymore. Nevertheless we want a win-win situation for you and for us. Mutual fairness and trust is at the core of our business.

Who picks-up the car?
Our inhouse certified and accredited driver. WeBuyYourCar.com is the only trade-in company who does only buy cars covering the entire process inhouse. We value the car, we buy the car and we pick your car up. There is no external company that buys or picks up your car. We take care of everything. You will receive an email with all details of the driver in advance. So you know exactly who to expect. The driver verifies himself with his driver licence and our WeBuyYourCar.com ID. If you have any questions on the spot when the driver picks-up your car, you can call us anytime.

Where can the car be picked up?
Most customers want us to pick-up the car at the doorstep or at the office. Feel free to tell us where we are supposed to pick up the car. Some customers hand over the car at the garage where the car is usally serviced.

Why do you pay more than dealers or used car lots?
WeBuyYourCar.com is an online trade-in Company. We are not a dealer.

How much do you pay?
We have a proprietary database and technology which we developed over the years with 100,000 + datasets that we use to determine our pricing. We can give a price quote on your car within minutes when you call in. If you use our online form you get a price within a maximum of 4 hours. In most of the cases we pay KelleyBlueBook or higher and higher than the dealer trade-in.

What kind of cars do you buy?
We here at WeBuyYourCar.com are interested in purchasing any vehicle younger than 2005 with a maximum of 150,000 miles. We buy every make and model, no matter if  Toyota, Nissan, Ford or Chevrolet. We buy very category, trucks, convertibles or SUVs. We do not buy accident cars, salvage cars or cars with a frame damage.

I bought a new car at a dealer and have a low trade-in offer, do you still buy my car if i dont buy a new car?
We only buy cars from the public. We do not sell cars to the public. If you have a trade-in offer for your car we will beat it in most of the cases. We can pick up your car as soon as you have your new car or whenever you want us to.

Will you still take my car even if it isn’t running or the control light is on?
We only purchase cars which are running and with no electrical or mechanical problems. The control light must be off for at least 3,000 miles.

I can’t find the Certificate of Title ( attached pink slip) to the car. Will you still buy my car?
Our drivers, who pick your car up, carry all the necessary paperwork to purchase your car, even if you have lost your title. (This varies from state to state, call for details)

My car isn’t paid off yet. I still have a loan on my car.
We are able to purchase the car from you even in this circumstance. Your car must be worth more than the balance still due on it. If the balance is higher than the value of your car you will have to match the gap between our quote and the balance.

What happens to my car after I sell it?
We only buy cars which can be retailed. Every vehicle is reconditioned and resold by our dealer and auction network within an average of 4 days.

I want to sell my car to WeBuyYourCar.com. When can you come and pick it up?
Within 24h!.  Just fill out the online form and we’ll sent you our guaranteed quote within 4 hours. If you accept that offer you just have to confirm online and sent us the time and location for the pick-up. One of our drivers will then call you and confirm the appointment. You can also call the WeBuyYourCar.com hotline and talk to one of our representatives, they can value your car within minutes.

How long have you been buying cars from personal sellers?
We’ve been helping people like you quickly and easily sell their cars since 1968. In the nearly 50 years we’ve been doing this, we’ve purchased many tens of thousands of cars (really!) directly from everyday people who don’t want the frustrations of selling their car to another private party. Everyone wins here – we get cars for our dealer to sell, and you avoid the pains of selling your car by yourself. No more tire-kickers, joy rides, potentially risky meet-ups, cash issues, etc.

Do I need to get my car smog checked before I sell it to WeBuyYourCar.com?
No. We want to make your car sale as easy as possible. This is just one of the reasons to sell your car to WeBuyYourCar.com. You do not need a smog certificate when selling your car to us



Did We Answer Your Questions?

If you have any other question, that we haven´t answered about selling your car or if you would like to speak to a representative at our office – we are always glad to assist you as part of our commitment to providing the best customer service and smoothest, easiest car selling experience possible. We promptly respond to all your questions so do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

WeBuyYourCar.com Comes To Your Home or your office?
We are proud of our 5 Star YELP reviews. Our mission is to create the best experience when selling your private car and we are constantly improving it. We want to talk to you and answer your questions, so just give us a call. We will come to your home or work with all the paperwork ready to go, and you will end up with payment in hand, fast. We buy used cars and we have buying cars down to a science

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